Pinocho and his adventures were born in the imagination of

Our online story: Pinocchio

We used little bird tales to create Pinocchio's story. First we made the drawings, then we scanned and uploaded them. After the students' voices were recorded. Hope you enjoy our story!

Year 1 Malta

The children of Italy, Poland and Spain, tells the story of Pinocchio in the native language.

An intro to our Pinocchio work

By Erika Bridge

Pinocchio Film by Year 1 at Mosscroft

By Erika Bridge

Using an ipad to create a Pinocchio avatar book

This Avatar book is a new way on how students can view a story. First we took a photo of the students’ face then we uploaded it to the main character of the story ‘Pinocchio’. Then the students could view the story and see themselves as Pinocchio.  Here is a glogster with the photos that we took while doing this activity:

Here is Pinocchio's Avatar book

Our Stories' Podcasts

As our first podcasts we decided to record the story of Pinocchio divided in two episodes. We have also created a blog related to these podcasts:

In this blog you can find the making of our podcasts, our rss feed and how you can download these episodes.

Collaborative Pinocchio's work using creaza

This is the link to our collaborative video still in progress hope you enjoy it


Pinocchio e-book

By Magdalena Goc