Below are some Turkish phrases that might be helpful for your new year´s greetings... (Pharantheses are for the formal and plural versions)

Happy new year! --> Yeni yilin (yiliniz) kutlu olsun!
Happy new year! --> Mutlu yillar! (Alternative)
I wish you many more happy new years. --> Nice yillara.
I wish you happiness, luck and prosperity in the new year. --> Yeni yilda mutluluk, sans ve zenginlikler seninle (sizinle) olsun.
Happy new year, with my most sincere wishes. --> Yeni yilini (yilinizi) en içten dileklerimle kutluyorum.
I wish you the best of everything in the new year. --> Yeni yilda her seyin en iyisi seninle (sizinle) olsun.

By Nihal Ciraci



New year´s day is celebrated in Turkey, very much like it is celebrated anywhere in the world. After all, it is yet another opportunity to have a holiday and enjoy ourselves. You can see large groups of people outside, counting down the seconds as loudly as possible during the last seconds of the year. However, there is also some opposition to new year celebrations because it is a Christian custom. New year´s day is universal as much as the calendar we use goes, so it does not make much sense to say that new year´s day celebrations are something ´Christian´. The real reason for this opposition is that people generally confuse new year´s day celebrations in Europe and US with the Christmas celebrations. People in Turkey rarely know that Christmas is actually not celebrated on December 31st - January 1st. You can try how true this statement is, if you know somebody from Turkey. I can bet they will most probably say that Christmas is on December 31st. That is why you can see people with Christmas trees on New Year´s Day, or even people eating Turkey specially on New Year´s Day (and here goes a confusion with Thanksgiving). Since the only holiday celebrated in Turkey among the long holiday season holidays in the US is New Year´s Day, everything seen in the movies for the holiday season is packed into this day. But of course, for the majority in Turkey New Year´s Day celebrations are just the joy of another fresh and hopeful year.

By Nihal Ciraco


New Year's Eve Game

TOMBALA (At New Year’s Eve)

Usually in a bag made of canvas, is written the numbers from 1 up to 90 equal-sized and small stones or pieces of paper are placed. In addition, these figures of 24 or 30 randomly written to the players 1 or more rectangular card is dealt. These cards consist of numbers, usually three lines. A person gets in the game bingo bag and begins to take the order number. This person may have the card and their card numbers will follow. If the card is read aloud each number drawn from the bag and if you have this number with the number above and a small piece of blank paper is turned off.  no numbers that match the bag, in this case the player can not win, but the game continues until the end of bingo. It completely shuts down a line on a card, "the first zinc" is called and the person wants to announce it loudly. The second row when the "second zinc", the paper shut down the entire numbers of the "bingo," he shouts. The first person who said bingo card is checked and, if awarded. People who share the prize bingo at the same time.

One of the main points of the game, bingo bag a good shake from the extraction of the number, otherwise they can come on top of sequential numbers.

Turkey Bingo

Christmas and winter nights, especially associated with Ramadan in Turkey aylarıyla bingo, but also played in the village tea house, or in recreation areas. In addition, the profession has adopted tombala persons entering the cafes of this game is usually in the form of a kind is played gambling. However, this kind of a trick, an additional heating element built into the bingo bags can be found.

Bingo, just about everyone played as a kid and having fun, do not change often New Year's nights game. However, advancing age, to accompany the children on behalf of the routine 

By Pınar Demiroğlu


Christmas carols singing has long been a common and popular tradition in many countries since the 4th century AD. Many Latin hymns that were sung in ancient Rome are still sung in some of the churches. Over the following centuries, the tradition of singing these Christmas hymns spread to North European monasteries, and later to other parts of France, Germany and Italy and eventually all over the world. But as of today, only a handful would have drawn a carol. Confused? It's the game called Draw the Carol that makes it possible. The game works within the framework of another popular game called Pictionary, in which the team representative has to draw symbols on a white board, which will have to be decoded by the other team members. The team members have to guess the word given to the representative by the opposite team. Only this time, you'll be symbolizing to convey the lyrics of the carol, and if guessed right, the same carol will have to be sung by all the members of that team. Fun isn't it? Continue reading to know the rules of the game and things that will be required.

Draw The Carol

Things Needed:
  • Sketch Board
  • Pen
  • Make chits of Christmas Carols that can be chosen according to the level of difficulty that you choose.
How To Play:
  • Group your guests into two or more teams.
  • One person is designated as the Game Master and manages the game.
  • A representative of the first team is sent to the Game Master to choose a chit.
  • Only the Game Master and that person see the chit and it is then thrown away.
  • Now this representative tries to make his/her team understand which carol he/she has chosen by drawing symbols on the paper.
  • As soon as the team guesses the carol, they sing its first stanza.
  • The game continues with the next team and so on.
  • Each team gets 2 minutes to guess the right carol.
  • The team that guesses the first five carols wins the game.

By parlea marioara

Doesn't matter what time of the year it is, games are always fun to play. But when it is Christmas, the fun of being part of an exciting game doubles up. So this Christmas season, if you're looking for a game that is right up there on the competitive level and also adds to the spirit of Christmas, this is the game for you. The Christmas Tree Decorating game! The name says it all; the participating teams have to decorate the Christmas tree. But not just this, they also have to do it fast and have to decorate it the best with the provided decorative items. The game can be enjoyed by both young and the old and will liven up the atmosphere of any Christmas party. The following section will throw light on the things needed and the rules of playing the game. Have a read!

Christmas Tree Decorating Game Ideas

Things Needed
  • Depending on the number of guests, you will require artificial Christmas trees, ideally 2-3.
  • Christmas tree decorations: garlands, string of lights, wreaths, candy canes, ribbons, poinsettia and other decorations.
How to Play
  • Divide the guests into as many teams as there are Christmas trees. Ensure that the teams are split fairly.
  • Each team will then divide its members into different groups, wherein each group will take up the task of decorating one section of the tree.
  • After completion, the group will come back and tag the second group of their team. Then the third group will have their chance, and the fourth, and so on.
  • For example, the group that goes first has to decorate the tree with lights. They cannot just toss the lights on it hastily but have to neatly decorate the tree. Similarly, the group going next will decorate with garlands, and so on.
  • All the teams have to go at once. But speed isn’t the only thing that will win them the game. How well the tree has been decorated should also be taken into account.
  • For example, if the fastest team has also decorated their tree in the best manner, they’ll be the obvious winners. But if the slower team has done a better job, you’ll have to decide whom to declare winners.

 By Parlea Marioara



Christmas party games

Singing carols, gorging on delicious cakes and party delicacies and even exchanging gifts and opening them may not keep you busy the whole evening and your great, grand Christmas Party may have its dull and boring moments between the events. To fill out the time, planning for a few party games is always the best idea. Here we have come up some of the funniest yet sober party games that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. However, kinds will perhaps like 'Find The Santa' and 'Stocking the Stockings' best while 'Spying Them All' is best suited for a small office party or an event where everybody know each other or at least, have a general idea about their nature. 'Draw the Carol' is for people of all ages.

'Best Gift' will keep your guests from grumbling about what they get and comparing them with others while 'Share The Gifts' is just another innocent game to give out Christmas Gifts in an interesting manner. We have chosen Christmas party games that are easy to arrange, suited to all budges - from low to high, are sober and related to Christmas theme. There are scores of other Christmas Games that you can find on net or that can be invented by introducing little variations on the popular kid games such as a variation of 'Pin Up Donkey's Tail' can be introduced in a Christmas Kids Party as 'Pin Up Rudolph's Nose'. Variations of dice games and card games can be introduced in the Christmas Party for Adults to win the Christmas gifts kept for the purpose.

By Parlea Marioara


Christmas Humor
Here is the fun and humor section for Christmas. Read these out for your guests and make them roll with laughter.

A Christmas Gift

A guy's wife was nagging him hard for a four-wheeler but still he bought her a beautiful extravagant diamond ring for Christmas. The husband's friend was amazed at his decision and asked him in secret, "Why couldn't you buy a car instead of the diamond ring?" The husband smiled and answered, "Fake cars are not easy to find."

Hilarious Christmas Signs
  • Toy Store: "Ho, ho, ho spoken here."
  • Bridal boutique: "Marry Christmas."
  • Outside a church: "The original Christmas Club."
  • At a department store: "Big pre-Christmas sale. Come in and mangle with the crowd."
  • A Texas jewelry store: "Diamond tiaras -- $70,000. Three for $200,000."
  • A reducing salon: "24 Shaping Days until Christmas."
  • In a stationery store: "For the man who has everything... A calendar to remind him when payments are due."
Santa Stats
  • U.S. has 78 people registered under S. Claus and one under Kriss Kringle
  • December is the most popular month for nose jobs.
  • Weight of Santa's sleigh loaded with one Beanie Baby for every kid on earth: 333,333 tons.
  • Number of reindeers required to pull a 333,333-ton sleigh: 214,206 plus Rudolph.
  • Average wage of a mall Santa: $11 an hour. With real beard: $20.
  • To deliver all his gifts in one night, Santa would have to make 822.6 visits per second (at 3,000 times the speed of sound).
  • At that speed, Santa and his reindeers would instantaneously burst into flames in Earth's atmosphere just like meteors.
At Grandma's

Two little boys went to their grandparents' place for Christmas. At bedtime, the youngest one began to pray at the top of his lungs.


The older brother exclaimed, "Why are you shouting? Do you thing God is deaf." The little one promptly replied, "Nope! But Grandma certainly is!"

An Axe to Grind

A boy was constantly nagging his father to get him a Christmas tree. Each year, the father told him, "I don't want to pay for it." At last, son finally managed to exasperate his father and he went out with his axe. Thirty minutes later, he returned with a great big Christmas tree. The son was amazed that his father returned so soon and asked, "How did you cut it down so fast?" The father replied, "Oh! It's from the tree lot." "So why did you took the axe with you?", the son asked. "Because I didn't want to pay for it.", the father replied.

Santa Claus is a woman!

Santa Claus is a woman because:
  • The vast majorities of men don't even think about selecting gifts until Christmas Eve and only go for a last-minute shopping spree.
  • For a he-Santa, there would be no reindeer because they would all be dead, gutted and strapped on to the rear bumper of the sleigh.
  • Even if the male Santa did have reindeer, he would inevitably get lost up there in the snow and clouds and then refuse to stop and ask for directions.
  • For a Santa man, there would be unavoidable delays in the chimney, where the Bob Vila-like Santa would stop to inspect and repaint bricks in the flue.
  • He would also need to check for carbon monoxide fumes in every gas fireplace, and get under every Christmas tree that is crooked to straighten it to a perfectly upright 90-degree angle.
  • Men can't pack a bag.
  • Men would rather be dead than caught wearing red velvet.
  • Men would feel their masculinity is threatened...having to be seen with all those elves.
  • Men don't answer their mail.
  • Men would refuse to allow their physique to be described even in jest as anything remotely resembling a "bowlful of jelly."
  • Men aren't interested in stockings unless somebody's wearing them.
  • Having to do the 'Ho Ho Ho' thing would seriously inhibit their ability to pick up women.
  • Finally, being responsible for Christmas would require a commitment.
Santa is certainly a Man!

Santa Claus is undoubtedly a man because:
  • Santa doesn't deliver his presents on The Friday after Thanksgiving when the malls are open for 20 hours. Christmas Eve deliveries prove Mr. Claus to be a man.
  • Santa's reindeer is so drunk that his nose glows as his navigator. A woman would never let out those cute deer to work on Christmas Eve that too in cold and perhaps would dress them in sweaters and booties.
  • Only a male Santa can ignore 'fashion' and wear the same suit for 500 years.
  • Santa has never been known to answer a letter.
  • Women aren't interested in stockings unless someone better looking than them is wearing them.
  • As many presents as Santa delivers he has no trouble with babes.
  • Only men have the ability to stay up for 24 hours straight in the cold with a bunch of mangy deer and going up and down soot-infested chimneys.
  • A woman would never even think of going down a chimney and risk staining that red velvet.
  • Commitment requires that Christmas be on the same day each year. A female Santa would delay Christmas until she can touch-up her makeup and do her hair after leaving each hou

By Parlea Marioara