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This etwinning project aims to imagine new relationships, new ideas, new situations, creating a bridge between schools in different countries. The purpose is to acquire new information and knowledge about life contexts of each school situation. Generating affective ties that give life to an emotional context. Create closeness and understanding between pupils and teachers, aware that the values, characteristics, how to manage the social life of their group, are not the only and not necessarily the best. With this work, we intent to promote specific skills, in support of the formation of a national competent, knowledgeable and supportive, with particular attention to the development of autonomy and critical thinking. The reference to Pinocchio does not merely remain in the background, it becomes, instead, essential and a priority for the fact that the work begins with a careful reading and analysis of the text in order to articulate the insights around some topics. Pupils and teachers will use the opportunities offered by the text, for a discussion that focuses on resources and issues around the value of family, school and society in general, and the need for a courageous education, necessary for the formation of future citizens Europe.